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TimeOut Couple: Jesse and Rene

Jesse and Rene

Image ourtesy of Robert Pimentale Photography

Jesse and Rene met when Jesse’s best friend from high school, Juan, walked up to Rene and said,

“Hi, I’d like to introduce you to your future husband.”

Rene laughed it off – like that was really going to happen?! She bet Juan that whomever this guy was, he was not going to be her future fiance, much less husband. But, once Rene met Jesse, she realized Juan was right. Jesse and Rene fell in love, got engaged, and – started taking dance lessons with us!

Their first dance, “Could Not Ask for More” by Edwin McCain, “It Takes Two” by Rob Base, and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, was Amazing!

Now they’re very happy to make good on that bet Rene made with Juan, by taking he and his fiancee to the Dallas Cowboys game in October.

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